Jackson Artificial Grass

Save Time and Money on Landscaping with SYNLawn® Synthetic Turf

Jackson residents love their SYNLawn® artificial grass! Why? In addition to saving time and money on lawn maintenance, SYNLawn® synthetic grass offers unrivaled realism, exclusive technological enhancements, and superior durability for any residential or commercial installation. Made in our own manufacturing facility in Dalton, Georgia, SYNLawn® is able to ensure the highest standard of quality and safety at every stage of development from product design to installation.

SYNLawn® Mississippi offers the highest quality, plant-based turf products for Jackson synthetic lawns. SYNLawn® artificial turf doesn’t look or feel like fake grass at all! SYNLawn® collectively instilled over 50 years of research and development in creating the most realistic-looking artificial turf in the industry. With many proprietary turf technologies, SYNLawn® has raised the industry standard so your family, friends, customers, and employees can genuinely enjoy the value that our synthetic lawns bring to your home or business.

Artificial Lawns

SYNLawn® artificial lawns in front yards are a favorite in Jackson because they look great all year long, without the need for mowing, watering, or reseeding. SYNLawn® is perfect for heavy traffic areas in side-yards, storefronts, pet runs, commercial lawns, and even play areas for kids. No more muddy paws or shoes, dead grass, rocks, or dirt. With our exclusive Super Yarn™ technology, you can have a lawn that features: an effective antimicrobial by Sanitized® that eliminates pet odors and 99% of bacteria from the turf, DualChill™ IR reflective technology that significantly reduces surface temperatures and prevents the turf from fading, and StatBlock™ antistatic technology that prevents the buildup up static electricity. Super Yarn™ is a first-of-its-kind technology that makes SYNLawn® the cleanest and safest turf ever designed. SYNLawn® exclusive HeatBlock™ technology significantly reduces surface temperatures to provide a cooler and more comfortable artificial lawn on hot summer days.

Putting Greens

Have you ever dreamed of having your own custom backyard putting green? SYNLawn® golf greens utilize the highest quality artificial turf with fringe, fairway, and rough surfaces. With the option of adding chipping surfaces, sand traps, and other obstacles, SYNLawn® is the perfect choice for golfers looking to make the most out of at-home training. SYNLawn® putting greens were designed in partnership with professional golf coach Dave Pelz to perform like PGA-caliber greens. They offer a very realistic putt with true ball roll and natural slow down elements found on professional greens.
SYNLawn® also has portable pro-grade putting greens you can take with you wherever you go – perfect for golfers of all ages.

Playground Turf

Safety is the most important factor when designing a playground. It is vital that playground surfaces can endure heavy foot traffic to proactively protect kids from injuries that may occur during playtime. The SYNLawn® Playground System is the safest playground surface available. Our ADA and IPEMA certified playground systems ensure safety over time. SYNLawn® playground turf will not shift on impact and wheelchairs can maneuver across the turf safely. SYNLawn® ensures that fall heights comply with strict regulations to ensure that every school and public playground is safe for kids. Our proprietary technologies and soft turf fibers provide playgrounds with a clean, safe, and dependable surface for playtime.

Artificial living walls

Our VistaFolia® living walls were created to add luxury and vibrance to empty and unappealing vertical surfaces. Our hyper-realistic and weather resistant green walls provide a seamless panel integration to add natural aesthetics to indoor and outdoor designs. With 100% color pigments that never fade, and 8 varieties of bright colors and lush textures to choose from, artificial green walls will bring your designs to life. Add them to your landscape and interior designs to reduce noise, enhance privacy, and revitalize the mood within any space.

Pet turf

SYNLawn® artificial pet grass is the safest and most durable pet-friendly lawn product ever designed. With our Super Yarn™ technology and effective, odor-controlling top dressings, SYNLawn® provides a stain and odor-resistant lawn that requires minimal maintenance and is extremely easy to clean. Super Yarn® provides an antimicrobial component that reduces pet odors and eliminates bacteria so your turf can stay clean. In addition, Super Yarn™ provides significantly cooler surface temperatures than competing brands so you don’t have to worry about their paws being burned. Our exclusive, Enviroloc™ backing system is a multi-layered turf backing made from soybean oil that locks-in turf fibers to prevent shedding. It also significantly enhances durability so pets and other animals can’t tear or dig through it. With turf fibers made from sugar cane, and a backing system made from soybean oil, you can rest assured that SYNLawn® will provide a safe outdoor space for your pets.

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Rooftops and patios

SYNLawn® synthetic grass increases the amount of usable rooftop or patio space while enhancing the comfortability and overall aesthetic. SYNLawn® is the only artificial turf company that offers a collection of ASTM Class-A fire rated artificial grass products so you, or your business, can add ultra-realistic turf to your rooftop lounge or patio seating area. We back our products with the longest manufacturer’s warranty to protect your rooftop and patio investment. With our exclusive Super Yarn™ technology, our rooftop installations will never fade, and they offer significantly cooler surface temperatures.

SYNLawn is the first and only provider of plant-based artificial grass. We utilize renewable materials along with our advanced technologies to ensure that our turf is the safest, cleanest, and most sustainable that it can be. We have instilled more than 50 years of research and development into our products to do so, and we continue to be the number one choice for new and existing customers as a result. By continuing our innovations, we can provide our customers with even more environmental and Class A fire-rated options. In doing so, we save customers time and money on maintenance, conserve thousands of gallons of water, reduce carbon emissions, and help prevent the spread of fires.

Sports Surfacing

SYNLawn® sports surfaces combine high-performance characteristics with superior safety standards to create high-end athletic facilities that require minimal maintenance. SYNLawn® customizes sport surfacing, athletic fields, and gym floors for athletes looking to improve performance or cosmetic elements of their facilities.

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When it comes to DIY artificial grass projects, SYNLawn is the clear choice to go with. Not only do we provide you with educational resources for all you’ll need to know, but our synthetic grass products are also easy to maintain and install.

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Why Go With Artificial Turf?

Financial Savings

Unlike live grass that is expensive to maintain due to constant upkeep and watering, artificial grass doesn’t come with these drawbacks. A SYNLawn Mississippi synthetic turf installation can easily save you thousands a year of your hard-earned money.


When you make the change from live grass to synthetic grass, you are benefiting the environment. In fact, should you install artificial grass onto an 800-square-foot lawn, it is estimated you’ll be saving up to 40,000 gallons of water per year. With this amount of water being preserved, you will be positively affecting the local Mississippi environment.

Year-Round Activity

Because of modern improvements, our synthetic turf resembles the lush green look and feel of regular grass. Due to this, you will be able to delight in outdoor activities all throughout the year. Fretting over your grass becoming discolored or overgrown will no longer be an issue.

Why Go With SYNLawn Artificial Grass?

Professional Athlete Endorsement

Tom Watson

Tom Watson shares his thoughts on his new synthetic putting green from SYNLawn artificial grass.


You can count on us to equip you with what you need for any synthetic turf application you desire.

Lifetime Warranty

We offer a lifetime warranty on all of our artificial grass products. This is made possible by the level of control we have over our production process.

Over 200,000 Successful Installations

You can be assured we are able to handle any project you may have due to how long we have been in this business and our track record of over 200,000 beautiful synthetic grass lawn installations.