USDA-Certified Mississippi Artificial Grass

SYNLawn proudly boasts the only collection of USDA-certified artificial grass that is highlighted for its usage of plant and bio-based content. SYNLawn is part of a USDA initiative to increase the production of products that are renewable and earth friendly. With the help of our eco-friendly materials and backing system, we can successfully replace petroleum components with the minimum requirement of 60% plant materials. The demand for environmentally friendly synthetic grass in Mississippi is consistently on the rise, and as the leading industry provider, we are dedicated to exploring the endless possibilities for sustainable synthetic turf.

The United States Department of Agriculture (USDA) has been responsible for formulating and enforcing regulations pertaining to American agriculture, forestry, ranching, food production, and nutrition since its creation in 1862. SYNLawn has been given the distinction of being a bio-preferred supplier of certified bio-based artificial turf and installation services by the business.

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Our Partnership With American Soy Farmers

We feel that it is our responsibility as the largest provider of Mississippi artificial grass to commit to environmentally sustainable grass alternatives. SYNLawn synthetic grass is proven to conserve thousands of gallons of water, and drastically reduce carbon emissions. To make this a reality, we proudly work with American soy farmers. With their assistance, we can source sugar cane, soybeans, and other materials locally in the US and quality control our manufacturing at our in-house facility in Dalton, GA. In doing so we can open up new job opportunities for future and existing American farmers in order to broaden our reach with eco-friendly turf.

EnviroLoc+™ Plant-Based Backing System

EnviroLoc+™ is a multi-layer component system that "locks" in long-lasting grass fibers to extend the life of SYNLawn synthetic turf. Additionally, EnviroLoc+™ helps to significantly reduce water use year-round and provides excellent drainage for areas that come in contact with liquids, allowing our artificial turf to be used almost immediately even after rain. EnviroLoc+™ also features a coating of the potent antibacterial Sanitized®. With its assistance, those who have respiratory allergies can use our products without difficulty as they eliminate up to 99% of bacteria and the fungi that are known to cause these allergies.

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Year-Round Low-Maintenance Mississippi Artificial Turf

Synthetic turf from SYNLawn is designed to protect the environment and provide customers with several residential and commercial benefits. Traditional sod requires consistent maintenance to keep it looking presentable throughout the year. It can be sometimes difficult to keep it looking its best when factors such as weather and foot traffic can be unpredictable. This is not the case with our turf. SYNLawn synthetic grass is designed to last for more than 20 years without more than an occasional leaf blowing or hose down. We are happy to save our customers 50-70% on their water bills and eliminate costs incurred by maintenance crews and equipment. We aim to give you back your free time to reinvest into your family, friends, employees, business, and more.

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For more than 25 years, SYNLawn has researched and developed new ways to innovate the synthetic grass industry, through technological advancements and our dedication to environmental sustainability. Our mission is to provide the safest, cleanest, and greenest artificial grass Mississippi has to offer. For more information about the ecological benefits of SYNLawn synthetic turf contact us today to schedule your free consultation!

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