Mississippi Artificial Grass for Residential Installation

Mississippi Artificial grass is becoming a staple for residential landscape design. No longer is it just faux grass that somewhat looks like grass. Artificial grass from SYNLawn is unrivaled in realism, performance, and durability and includes exclusive technologies and benefits, not founds anywhere else in the synthetic turf industry. At SYNLawn we provide the most eco-friendly time and money-saving turf that will transform your landscape, increase property, and value and save you a tremendous amount of time and money.

Backyard putting green installation from SYNLawn

Applications for Mississippi Artificial Turf

Synthetic grass goes far beyond lawn installation. In fact, SYNlawn is used for a growing list of applications every day. Our grass alternatives are designed to be versatile and that means that they effortlessly integrate with your existing landscape and create the illusion of real grass. Mississippi artificial turf is installed with the help of our expert installers. They spare no amount of effort to ensure that your installation is done right the first time and is free of seams and is laid out on a perfectly smooth surface. In addition, SYNLawn artificial turf is made with eco-friendly and safe materials making them friendly for both children and pets. No harsh chemicals and no heavy metals.

Applications for residential installation include, but are not limited to:

Residential Safety

Safety is one of our highest priorities and that means our synthetic grass must meet a variety of standards. First, our installations have to be smooth to prevent tripping hazards. Next, we know that many of our customers have children that play in the backyard. As a result, SYNLawn was the first company to recognize that there was a need for IPEMA-certified surfaces.

This means that we comply with proper fall attenuation when we manufacture our turf to cushion the blow of falls up to 10 feet. We are also one of the only companies to distribute ASTM E-108 Class A fire-rated and tested turf. Products with this fire rating are proven to help prevent the spread of fire, prevent extreme property damage, or worse potentially fatal injuries. Finally, Mississippi synthetic turf is perfect for athletes that like to take their practice home with them. Our non-abrasive grass alternatives will not cause skin burns, stay up to 20% cooler than any other brand on the market, and will help them avoid common injuries found on the field.

Residential artificial grass putting green installed by SYNLawn
Drone shot of a commercial artificial grass storefront

Eco-Friendly Mississippi Synthetic Turf

It is no secret that natural grass required a lot of commitment. This means giving up your free time for traditional maintenance. We partner with US soy farmers to produce environmentally sustainable synthetic grass that gives back to the environment, saves you thousands of gallons of water each year, and eliminates close to 100 pounds of carbon emitted by just one gas-powered lawn mower. With their help, we replace large portions of petroleum-based components with renewable soybeans and sugar cane. Thus, enabling your installation to last for decades and be reused in future landscapes.

Protect Your Pets and Your Landscape

Do you have pets? Did you know SYNLawn offers synthetic turf specifically for them? Synthetic pet grass from SYNLawn is hypoallergenic and free of pesticides. Your pets will not be able to dig through our surfaces and you’ll never have to work about unwanted pests burrowing under the surface. In addition, our synthetic grass is coated in an antimicrobial and odor-controlling top dressing or infill that helps eliminate stains and odors left behind from ammonia in pet waste. Finally, with the EnviroLoc+ backing system, your lawn will benefit from maximum drainage that makes your surface usable almost immediately after coming in contact with liquids.

Dogs posing for a picture on artificial grass
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Mississippi artificial grass is the result of more than 50 years of research and development. We develop our products to accommodate all of the needs and specifications of our customers and their landscapes.

SYNLawn is licensed and bonded to work on any sized residential installation and our artificial turf is backed by an unmatched limited lifetime warranty. For more information, contact SYNLawn today to schedule a FREE consultation!

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