Mississippi Artificial Grass Features SYNLawn Exclusive HeatBlock™ Technology

Summer and hot climates are often one of the biggest reasons that traditional grass can lose its appeal, both in appearance and feel. Grass and competing turf brands, like darker clothing, can absorb heat, become uncomfortable to the touch, and fade in the sunlight. Residential and commercial property owners want their landscape to give off the most stunning impressions for all of their guests, family and more. Now you can enjoy your barbecues, pool, and outdoor time more comfortably with exclusive artificial turf with SYNLawn exclusive HeatBlock technology!

HeatBlock technology from SYNLawn has been scientifically shown to reduce increasing temperatures by reflecting sunlight and thereby lowering heat build-up and thermal emissivity. When thermal energy from the sun's rays strikes an object, heat accumulates on its surface. The degree to which a substance emits heat is referred to as its emissivity in physics.

When summer arrives and temperatures rise, artificial grass, like dark clothing that absorbs more heat than light clothes, may store and release heat, making it uncomfortable. When compared to similar synthetic grass products, SYNLawn uses infrared reflecting pigments in HeatBlock technology to help spread heat build-up, lowering fiber emissivity by up to 20%.

HeatBlock technology on SYNLawn Mississippi artificial turf gives each grass strand a less "shimmery," softer to the touch, and less abrasive finish than other artificial grasses, resulting in a more genuine look that you can see and feel.

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Natural Appearance and Cooler Surface Temperatures with HeatBlock Technology

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Infrared reflecting pigments are inserted into the grass strands using SYNLawn HeatBlock technology, reflecting the heat energy from the sun's rays. A black car will be warmer than a white car on a hot day, and particular synthetic grass will store more energy than others.

The hues of these grass blades reflect more infrared radiation, keeping them cooler during the midday sun. As a result, it does not absorb and retain excessive amounts of heat. Thanks to HeatBlock, SYNLawn synthetic grass offers cooler surface temperatures than any other turf product on the market.

HeatBlock is another valuable component in making our products the safest artificial turf available. When our children go out to play, they are protected by our exceptional safety certification and now with HeatBlock, both children and pets can play without burning their feet or paws.

Our products not only keep surfaces looking luxurious, but they also come with the strongest reflective light warranty in the industry. Mississippi synthetic grass can assist to reduce property damage while also minimizing the risk of serious and perhaps deadly injuries. This means that, unlike real grass, our artificial grass will not fade or dry up in direct sunlight. This makes it a perfect barrier between your house and your business, as well as a way to raise the value of your home. Additionally, competitor products that are exposed to long-term sunlight tend to melt sometimes shortly after installation, and thanks to our reflective light warranty, SYNLawn products offer long term protection so you can enjoy your beautiful lawn all year long.

Here at SYNLawn, when we design our products, we take into consideration all of their needs and accommodate them accordingly. This means creating exclusive technologies including HeatBlock that makes Mississippi artificial turf comfortable for use all year long. We work closely with architects, landscape designers, and our customers to ensure that we remain a leader in our industry and become the number one source of synthetic grass. As a result of our more than 50 years of research and development, we provide the most eco-friendly, technologically advanced, and ultra-realistic artificial grass products available in Mississippi to date.


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