Southaven artificial grass


Southaven Artificial Turf Installation

Homeowners and commercial locations in Southaven are replacing traditional lawns with the most realistic artificial grass by SYNLawn®. SYNLawn® Southaven synthetic grass installations look so real, save significant time and money, and are environmentally friendly.

SYNLawn® artificial lawns provide Southaven residents with unique features such as:

  • The most realistic artificial grass in the industry
  • Germ-killing antimicrobial technology
  • Heat reduction technology for cooler surfaces
  • Recyclable and environmentally friendly
  • Custom designed for any residential or commercial landscape

Sport Surface

SYNCourt is sure to be the right fit for all of your future court and field designs. We offer premium quality sport surfacing that won't tear over time, drain quickly after a storm, or fade from the sun's UV rays. The highest safety standards and performance enhancements are always the top priority for SYNLawn®. You get the perfect traction every time, allowing you to perform safely at your full potential.

Playground Turf

SYNLawn® understands kids were meant to play. Guaranteeing that they can do so without the threat of injury is our top priority. SYNLawn® playground turf installations utilized exclusive technologies such as Sanitized® antimicrobial, DualChill® IR reflective enhancements, and Fall Pad® technology. We pride ourselves in the fact that these surfaces are ADA and IPEMA certified. SYNLawn® playground turf is wheelchair accessible and won't shift after any amount of use or impact. This allows for peace of mind and fun for the whole family.

Customize your landscape

Over the past 50 years, SYNLawn® research has led to the development of exclusive turf technologies that have more to offer than traditional sod and competing turf brands. Our PGA caliber putting greens and pet turf collection utilize these technologies to accommodate any need. Our putting greens are the most authentic performing in the industry and are designed to fit any landscape. Choose from a selection of different putting surfaces that help you improve your short game. SYNLawn® pet turf is the most advanced pet-friendly lawn product ever designed. It provides stain and odor-resistance, enhanced durability, and is made from plant-based materials. SYNLawn® Mississippi is here to help you customize your landscape with the highest quality putting greens and synthetic grass in the industry.

Antimicrobial technology

Germs can be found on every surface, so reducing their spread is a major consideration of ours. The SYNLawn® Sanitized® antimicrobial technology is woven into the grass fibers to eliminate 99% of bacteria from the turf. That same germ-killing technology helps keep children, athletes, customers, and employees safe from germs. The risks for mold growth and staph infections reduce, so when you need a safe and clean lawn, pet area, putting green, or playground, choose SYNLawn® Mississippi.

Heat reduction technology for cooler surfaces

Exclusive HeatBlock™ and DualChill® technology from SYNLawn® keep your artificial turf installation significantly cooler than any other brand of synthetic grass. The cooling technology makes sure pets are more comfortable on hot days, and kids can walk on the synthetic grass in bare feet. DualChill® IR reflective technology prevents the turf from fading. SYNLawn® artificial turf has an authentic look and texture. Even adults love to kick off their shoes on the hottest of summer days in Southaven.

Recyclable and environmentally friendly

SYNLawn® synthetic grass has a long-life expectancy, so you are not replacing it anytime soon. Our turf fibers are made from sugar cane and our backing system is made from soybean oil.

In addition, because it is Recyclable, our local landfill doesn’t end up with extra waste. Since you never need to water an artificial lawn, you significantly reduce water use. Without the need for mowing and trimming you help to reduce carbon emissions.

Choose the highest quality and longest lasting artificial lawn s by SYNLawn®. Call SYNLawn® for a quote for commercial or residential projects in Southaven. We look forward to hearing from you soon!