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Safety and injury prevention are the most important elements to consider when creating playground surfacing for children. As a result, SYNLawn® created the safest playground padding surface in the industry. Using the latest innovations in turf technology, SYNLawn® created the ultimate playground turf and shock absorber available today. Unfortunately, traditional surfaces like pea gravel, mulch, and sand leave much to be desired. These surfaces shift on impact exposing hard, dangerous surfaces and risking the safety of our children. SYNLawn® playground flooring is designed for all types of playground equipment and protects children from falls as high as 10-feet under the accordance with IPEMA standards and CSA approved fall attenuation. 

SYNLawn® has spent over 50 years in R&D to develop the ideal playground turf with exclusive features such as:

Protection from falls from up to 10ft for superior injury prevention

Fall Pad® technology provides a thick cushion beneath every installation

HeatBlock™ technology provides significantly cooler surface temperatures

Sanitized® antimicrobial technology eliminates 99% of bacteria from the turf

DualChilll™ IR reflective enhancements prevent the turf from fading

Enviroloc™ backing system is a multi-layer turf backing that locks-in fibers to prevent shedding

TrampleZones are extremely durable in high traffic areas and easy to replace, if necessary

20% higher performance vs. competition according to HIC and Gmax ratings

Designed to meet Head Injury Criteria (HIC) to protect against head injuries

Increased safety for children in the playground

Non-abrasive surfaces reducing the severity of injuries

Non-allergenic materials for allergy-sensitive kids

ASTM Class A fire rated for enhanced safety at each installation

Progienics® antiviral cleaning solution added to respond to COVID-19

Envirofill® Antimicrobial Infill kills germs and prevents mold growth and odors

Manufactured under International Play Equipment Manufacturer’s Association (IPEMA) standards

ADA compliant and wheelchair accessible

Tested and certified

Playground With Trample Zones
Daycare Commercial Project
Boy Playing on SynLawn Playground

Low maintenance and environmentally friendly

Low Maintenance

No mowing

Eliminates the expense of playground surfacing maintenance fees

No watering – lower water bills

Omega technology enhances fiber integrity and keeps fibers in their upright position

Incredible resilience in high traffic areas to prevent wear and tear

Unmatched limited lifetime warranty



Turf fibers made from sugar cane

Enviroloc™ backing system made from soybean oil

Renewable soybeans replace typically used petroleum-based polymers

No harmful pesticides or fertilizers

Eliminates water consumption

Reduces carbon emissions by eliminating the need for maintenance equipment

Common Applications Include:

School Playgrounds

Community Play Areas

Paths & Walkways

Heavy Traffic Zones


At SYNLawn, we put safety first. Check out our wide selection of artificial grass for playgrounds to find out which product is the best for creating your ideal playground turf.

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SYNLawn® Mississippi offers the highest quality synthetic playground grass for enhanced safety and low maintenance. We are committed to the safety of children. By supporting our community parks, schools, and business playgrounds, SYNLawn® can help create safer playgrounds for kids and the environment.

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