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SYNLawn® Mississippi installs the most authentic-performing putting surfaces for outdoor and indoor putting greens. We work with many businesses such as golf courses, mini-golf courses, sports centers, athletic facilities, community centers, schools, recreational facilities and more, to create high quality golf greens that last a lifetime.

Putting Green Turf for Golf Courses, Mini-Golf, Tee Lines, Athletic Facilities, and Community Centers in Jackson®

Our in-house design and installation team collaborates with you or your landscape architect to create unique designs suitable for any landscaping. SYNLawn® Mississippi ensures that your new putting green will provide a realistic performance and low-maintenance landscape solution at any location.

Jackson businesses are adding commercial putting greens to create more enjoyable outdoor environments for their stakeholders. Bars and restaurants add small mini-golf courses to provide their customers with an additional reason to draw them back. Golf clubs and community centers choose SYNLawn® for incredibly resilient tee lines that last longer, provide lower maintenance, and still allow the use of real golf tees. Rooftop and patio putting greens are growing in popularity to provide residents and employee lounge areas with a fun amenity to blow off steam.

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Dave Pelz, the world-famous professional golf coach, teamed up with SYNLawn® to create natural-looking, pro-grade commercial synthetic turf putting greens. SYNLawn® golf greens are specially designed to replicate an authentic-performance, realistic putt, ball energy absorption, and natural slow down characteristics found on professional courses. 

SYNLawn® putting greens require no maintenance, no mowing, and no watering. This provides businesses with an attractive amenity with no residual costs to maintain. All our products are made in the USA in our own manufacturing facility in Dalton, Georgia, providing us with complete quality control and oversight. Our commitment to innovation and sustainability fuel our drive to create one-of-a-kind commercial golf greens.

Artificial grass for commercial driving ranges

Exclusive Features of SYNLawn® Artificial Putting Greens

  • No maintenance costs: no mowing, trimming, reseeding, or watering ever needed
  • Incredibly resilient putting and chipping surfaces
  • All-weather resistance for any outdoor installation
  • PGA-caliber performance with every installation 
  • Replicates natural energy displacement found on professional greens
  • Custom designs for every skill level, budget, and location; both indoors and outdoors
  • Add fairway, rough, and fringe surfaces
  • Add sand traps, chipping surfaces, tee boxes, slopes, and other obstacles
  • Ability to install LED cup lights
  • Effective drains installed in each cup to prevent backfill of water and mold growth
  • UV-resistant materials shield our greens from the sun to prevent fading
  • Stain and odor resistant with the addition of Envirofill® infill
  • Portable, non-skid options available in many sizes and offer a quick and easy assembly 
  • Tee Strike with 1” thick surface – players can use real tees
  • Developed and designed by passionate golf professionals and certified experts

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SYNLawn® is here to provide high-performance and ultra-realistic putting greens to businesses throughout the state of Mississippi. Take your business to the next level by offering your customer, employees, or residents with a putting green that is proven to perform like a professional golf green. Our in-house design and installation team will make sure that your installation is one-of-a-kind and installed for maximum durability and safety. Call SYNLawn® Mississippi today for more information about commercial putting greens from SYNLawn®.

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