Indoor Putting Greens in Jackson, MS

For decades, SYNLawn Mississippi has been a trusted source for high-quality, artificial indoor putting greens in Jackson, MS. Jackson has an impressive history with golf, as evidenced by the 19 major courses throughout the area’s suburbs. Even though many of these courses are free to use, membership comes with a few specific limitations, such as only being able to golf in good weather. The courses are also closed at night.

The remedy to these limitations is SYNLawn’s indoor putting greens.

If you’re looking to play golf at any time and in any weather, our signature putting greens provide a welcome alternative. The turf is built using triple-stitched, multi-layered technology that affords both luxury and durability. Our turf is also excellent for use in mini golf construction.

Made in the USA from renewable and recyclable materials, our synthetic turf helps you lower your carbon footprint due to its extended life expectancy. In addition, our residential and commercial customers benefit from our patented plant-based EnviroLocTM Technology derived from renewable soybeans to significantly enhance texture and durability.

Benefits of Our Indoor Putting Greens

Jackson, MS has a fair share of top-tier public golf courses. Nevertheless, there has been an uptick in the purchase and installation of indoor putting greens. Here are the main reasons why:

SYNLawn Golf Artificial Turf


There is an upfront investment associated with installing indoor golfing grass. Indeed, this expense may be greater than that of establishing a natural grass lawn. Nevertheless, in the subsequent years, artificial turf affords a higher return on investment than natural grass.

Consider the following: natural grass lawns require a remarkable amount of ongoing maintenance. This includes regular lawn mowing, trimming, edging, watering, seeding, and even chemical application. In rainy seasons, these chores have to be performed more frequently to eradicate weeds and fungi. In addition, most people supplement the ongoing landscaping contractors by purchasing their own lawn mowing equipment. All these can significantly add to the overall cost of nurturing a natural grass lawn.

So why not install our synthetic golf turf, and eliminate all these headaches? Once installed, you’ll never have to worry about watering, or trimming, or adding chemicals.

Water Conservation

Due to weather conditions and other factors, water has become expensive in many places, including Jackson, MS. A recent study by the EPA shows the average home in the United States uses over 320 gallons of water per day. Over a third of this water is consumed by lawn care, including water sprinkler systems.

According to another study, the majority of water expended by sprinklers is wasted. Consequently, this unmitigated water waste is expensive, and it has a negative impact on the economy and the environment. Installing synthetic golfing greens is a better and wiser way of eliminating water wastage and its associated expenses. Our synthetic turf does not require any watering and stays supremely immaculate regardless of use.

SYNLawn Artificial Turf Golf

Remains Forever Green

Despite the monumental amount of landscaping work devoted to natural grass lawns, there is no guarantee of success. Natural grass can still succumb to a condition known as desiccation. This occurs mainly during the most severe hot or cold months when the grass loses more moisture than it can replace. The result is the unsightly brownish patches we see in so many lawns during summers or winters.

Then there’s fungus that can affect even the most well-maintained lawns. This also causes the grass to turn brownish in appearance and lose its luxurious appeal. Both conditions (desiccation and fungus) can be expensive to treat. The innovative remedy is artificial turf. Because of its synthetic nature(and also because it's installed indoors), it is immune to inclement weather and fungi. That means the grass remains luxuriously green throughout its life.

Ready to Make the Switch?

SYNLawn Mississippi has always been known for its high-quality synthetic lawn products. Our indoor putting greens are no exception. If you’re an avid golfer, our goal is to help you achieve your dream of enjoying your favorite pastime regardless of weather conditions. Our indoor golfing greens are unequaled in quality, performance, and safety. Contact us today to schedule an appointment.

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