Byram artificial grass


Byram Artificial Turf, Putting Green Turf, Plant Walls, and Pet Turf

Properties here in Byram are transforming as their owners discover the benefits of Byram synthetic grass by SYNLawn®. SYNLawn® artificial turf never needs mowing or watering and is Recyclable. Many eco-friendly landscape solutions are available from SYNLawn® in Byram. When you need to upgrade your playground, install a dog run, or redo your patio area, so it is cooler and more private, this is the right place.

Synthetic Fake Grass Lawns

Putting Green Turf

Plant Walls

Sport Surfacing

Playground Flooring Solutions

Pet Turf Installations

Synthetic fake grass lawns

An artificial lawn installation in Byram lets you quickly and affordably redo your landscaping for your home or commercial location. Plus, this artificial synthetic grass sure doesn’t look like it’s a fake grass. In reality, people find the hyper-realistic appearance quite surprising as they touch and see the many artificial turf choices up close. A SYNLawn® installation means you never have to worry about bare patches, high-traffic footpaths, or muddy spots. mowing, watering, reseeding, and fertilizers all go away too! A synthetic lawn installation from SYNLawn® looks gorgeous every day, in every season, for years and years.

putting green turf

SYNLawn® has the perfect putting green for your application. Choose from an indoor or outdoor, fixed placement or portable, commercial, or residential putting green. Customize an expertly designed putting green to practice your short game whenever you want. The consistent, realistic ball roll and natural slow-down characteristics make it just like playing on any professional golf course. Also, a low-maintenance SYNLawn® golf green retains the vibrant color, realistic texture, and hyper-realistic appearance, even on hot summer days.

Pet Turf installations

Imagine a synthetic, odor-free, pet-safe pet turf ideal for a commercial or residential installation indoors or outside.  Since SYNLawn® is the industry leader for pet turf installations, we offer easy to keep clean, zero maintenance pet turf using our exclusive, proprietary, premium quality EnviroFill®. Our state-of-the-art artificial lawn infill kills germs, providing antimicrobial protection. This germ-killing enhancement incredibly reduces pet urine ammonia odors up to 99%.

Plant walls

An artificial plant wall with hyper-realistic plant and blossom panels joins together seamlessly to fit perfectly on your feature wall. When you just can’t find a piece of art that is striking enough or large enough to make a statement, choose a synthetic vertical garden. Make a stunning impression with zero maintenance. 

Ideal indoors and outside because of the UV protection, impress your guests with your entryway, feature wall, or privacy screen.

Artificial Plant Walls in Jackson

Companies and homeowners have access to ultra-realistic artificial plant walls for interior and exterior applications. You’ve seen these incredible works of art in photos, mansions, and local spas. Now you can have a synthetic vertical garden in the entryway of your home or the waiting room of your business. In fact, you can turn any wall you desire into a masterpiece of hyper-realistic plants!

Vertical plant walls can be used as privacy screens and as sound insulation. Our artificial green walls utilize UV protection so colors will stay vibrant and fresh for many years to come. You can section off any area by the patio or pool to create a more private environment. 

Long-lasting artificial plant walls require no maintenance, indoors and outside. They don’t require irrigation or other maintenance. Design and customize an elegant arrangement perfectly sized for your application. 

Perfect for the hospitality industry, common areas in multi-family housing units, healthcare buildings, spas, and wellness centers. Accent any entryway, pool area, backdrop, or common area with our luxurious artificial living walls.


Sport Surfacing

Safety standards, high performance, and quality should be a guarantee and never a concern in the athletic world, and SYNCourt by SYNLawn® aims to combine all of those in one package. That's why we're confident that SYNCourt is a perfect choice. SYNLawn® offers dynamic design options and 20 different colors to choose from for your next installation.

SYNCourt offers:

  • Excellent shoe and wheel grip
  • Shift Lock technology to prevent the tiles from shifting
  • Quick drainage after rain
  • Narrow gauge ribs for the best traction
  • Excellent UV stability
  • Low abrasion on shoes and sports equipment
  • US made materials that are backed with the highest safety standards
  • Designs for every skill level

Playground turf

The foundation of SYNLawn® playground turf starts with the highest safety standards, guaranteed. Remove the worry of injury and spreading germs with any of our products. These surfaces are ADA and IPEMA certified and offer Sanitized Antimicrobial technology. SYNLawn® playground materials won't move over time and promise wheelchair accessibility for all to enjoy.

Enjoy a luscious, hyper-realistic artificial turf lawn from SYNLawn® in Byram every day, all year. Call us for information about how to get artificial grass or a plant wall installed at your home or business location.