Commercial rooftop grass in Jackson, MS

Rooftop Artificial Grass and Patio Turf Expand the rooftop, deck, or patio space at your business or commercial building into usable space for residents, employees, and customers with rooftop and patio grass from SYNLawn®. Every square foot of underutilized commercial real estate is an opportunity to receive a greater return on your investment. SYNLawn® Mississippi is here to provide your business with the largest collection of high-quality, most realistic looking artificial grass and putting greens. The ideal landscape enhancement for commercial rooftops, apartment building rooftops, restaurant patios, employee lounge areas, commercial pool decks, and other business-building rooftops.

Commitment to sustainability

In every major city across the country, artificial lawns are now an essential element in urban landscaping designs. SYNLawn® synthetic patio grass suits commercial building applications because of the low maintenance, extreme longevity, and excellent cost savings. When you can spend less time and money on non-core functions like maintaining your landscape, you can focus more on core business objectives that make a profit.

In addition, Mississippi residents, customers, employees, and thousands of other companies are becoming more environmentally aware. Adding SYNLawn® synthetic grass and deck turf is a great way to further your contribution to environmental sustainability.

All of our products are recyclable and made in our own US manufacturing facility. We make our turf fibers from sugar cane and our incredibly resilient Enviroloc™ backing system is made from soybean oil. Our installations help to conserve water by eliminating the need for lawn irrigation and help to reduce carbon emissions by eliminating pollutants released by lawn maintenance equipment.

In fact, SYNLawn® is the only artificial grass company to have products certified by the USDA for using 60-70% bio-based materials in their turf. SYNLawn® is also the first company to have a collection of rooftop turf products ASTM Class A fire rated.

rooftop artificial grass installations

The rooftop areas on many commercial buildings, including apartments and condos, would make gorgeous outdoor living areas if it weren’t for hot and unappealing surfaces. Installing live grass on a commercial rooftop patio isn’t practical. Transporting soil is a challenge, irrigation systems for rooftops and patios are expensive, and it isn’t always possible to set up. The weight of the dirt and lack of proper drainage makes it an impossible task. However, adding the most realistic synthetic grass to your rooftop or patio space is the perfect way to improve the aesthetic and comfortability of this space.

Business owners in Jackson choose SYNLawn® rooftop and deck grass because our products offer exclusive turf technologies, unrivaled realism, and unmatched product warranties. Our HeatBlock™ technology is a molecular component added to the DNA of our turf to provide significantly cooler surface temperatures. We utilize a first-of-its-kind turf yarn called Super Yarn™ that features a germ eliminating antimicrobial and an IR reflective enhancement called DualChill™ to protect our turf from fading. Our Omega technology enhances the integrity of our turf fibers to expand the lifespan of our products and keep fibers in their upright position. SYNLawn® deck turf isn’t your ordinary fake grass. SYNLawn® has instilled over 50 years of R&D in their products to create industry-transforming turf products.

commercial rooftop grass industry applications

SYNLawn® Mississippi installs commercial artificial grass on rooftop decks and patios for the following types of business applications.

  • Restaurants / Bars / Hotels / Resorts
  • Sport Centers
  • Miniature Golf Courses
  • Apartment / Condo Rooftops & Decks
  • Business Centers Rooftops & Decks
  • Municipalities / City Projects
  • Daycare Centers / Schools / School District Projects
  • Universities / College Campuses
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SYNLawn® Mississippi has a vast collection of unique rooftop, deck, and patio artificial lawn solutions. Expand your rooftop, deck, or patio areas to create the perfect employee lounge, outdoor restaurant seating area, or rooftop patio with SYNLawn® patio turf. Call SYNLawn® Mississippi now for more information about how to capture that rooftop, patio or deck space using an artificial patio grass design.

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