Artificial Grass Installers in Ocean Springs, MS

Residents of Ocean Spring, MS, are now enjoying the most realistic artificial grass in Mississippi! No more muddy paws, holes dug in the lawn by pets and rodents, and no more mowing, watering, or dead grass. SYNLawn artificial grass saves customers time and money and maintenance! In fact, some of our customers experience up to 70% lower water bills after installing SYNLawn artificial turf in Ocean Springs, MS. SYNLawn synthetic grass features over 50 years of turf innovations from our renewable, plant-based turf composition to cooler surface temperatures, effective antibacterial properties, enhanced durability and more!

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Some of the many exclusive benefits found within our Ocean Springs artificial grass installations are:

  • Super Yarn™ infrared light-resistant and antimicrobial enhanced turf yarn made from sugar cane
  • Incredibly tough, plant-based EnviroLoc+™ backing system made from renewable soybeans to replace petroleum-based polymers and ensure a longer lasting turf installation
    With our patented HeatBlock™ technology, our Ocean Springs artificial turf is scientifically proven to provide up to 20% cooler surface temperatures than any competing brand

  • Pet-friendly, odor-controlling infill that helps reduce up to 80% of odors caused by ammonia in pet waste
  • Perfect for kid-friendly landscapes and pet areas such as dog runs and dog parks
  • Delustered and UV-resistant turf fibers to maintain pure color pigments and natural aesthetic
  • Proudly made in the USA to ensure the highest quality at every stage of development
  • Unmatched lifetime warranty
  • Monthly payment plans make it easier and more affordable than ever to enjoy a lush and vibrant lawn space 24/7 for years to come

Commercial Artificial Turf Installation in Ocean Springs, MS

Commercial properties across the Ocean Springs area are pleased to regain time and money once spent on lawn maintenance and rising water costs. Now they can provide their guests and customers with a more luxurious lawn space while earning LEED® points for their positive environmental contributions. SYNLawn Ocean Springs artificial grass installations ensure superior durability against heavy foot traffic while providing awe-inspiring lawn spaces through every season. With exclusive features and benefits such as Super Yarn™ and EnviroLoc+, your new commercial artificial grass installation in Ocean Springs will offer employees and customers the safest, cleanest, and greenest landscape to enjoy for decades!

Ocean Springs Golf Greens - Perfect for Every Skill Level


SYNLawn collaborated with renowned golf instructor Dave Pelz to develop golf putting surfaces that provide the most authentic golf experience. With these putting surfaces, we are able to custom design backyard putting green sin Ocean Springs, MS that provide you the most convenient place to practice your short game! Not only can you hone your skills to shoot lower scores on the golf course, but you can enjoy a low maintenance landscape amenity that stays beautiful all year long. For our custom golf greens, we only utilize the highest quality SYNLawn artificial grass to ensure that your green stays pristine for the long term. Ocean Springs golf turf is perfect for any application from full-sized golf courses and mini golf, to backyard putting greens and indoor golf simulators.

  • Zero maintenance costs
  • True-to-life golf performance
  • Incredibly durable and weather-resistant
  • Designed to disburse and absorb ball energy like real golf greens
  • Custom designs for all skill levels, budgets, and spaces
  • Fairway, rough, and fringe surfaces
  • Sand traps, chipping surfaces, tee boxes, LED cup lights, and other customizable features are available
  • Made with durable and UV-resistant materials
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The Safest and Cleanest Playground Turf in Mississippi

SYNLawn design its playground systems with ADA, IPEMA, and HIC compliance in mind. We fulfill our commitments to safety and quality by providing you with slip-resistant surfaces that have are cleansed using antimicrobial technology to prevent the spread of bacteria. SYNLawn playground surfaces in Ocean Springs, MS are among the most kid-friendly on the market. They provide safer and less abrasive surfaces than alternative playground surfaces as well as enhanced shock absorption and injury prevention.

  • Protection from falls of up to 10 feet
  • Exclusive Sanitized® antimicrobial technology that eliminates up to 99% bacteria and germs
  • Cooler and fade-resistant surfaces thanks to HeatBlock and
  • DualChill IR reflective technology
  • Shock absorption padding installed beneath the turf installation for added safety
  • TrampleZones® that provide easy to replace landing pads for areas that experience consistent, high friction activity such as underneath swing sets, slide exits, and jungle gym entrances

Ocean Springs, MS Pet Turf Installation

Pet owners in Mississippi choose SYNLawn to keep their pets safe and clean while they enjoy their backyard landscapes and dog runs. First, because it is highly durable, dogs cannot rip it up or dig through it like actual grass, leaving behind unsightly holes. In addition, our Ocean Springs pet grass drains fast, preventing the accumulation of pet urine and thus, preventing stains and odors that can be left behind. Last but not least, Ocean Springs artificial turf for pets is extremely low-maintenance and requires little landscaping materials to remain attractive.

  • Odor control through the incorporation of Envirofill® antibacterial infill
  • Stain-resistant and very easy to clean
  • No brown or yellow lawn spots caused by pet waste
  • Prevents rodents and pets from destroying the lawn
  • Optimal drainage at a rate of 90 inches per hour
  • No dirt or mud to be tracked into your home
  • Added security upgrades available for even the most destructive dogs
  • No more fleas or ticks
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Artificial Living Wall Installation in Ocean Springs, MS

A VistaFolia synthetic green wall can significantly improve any interior or external design. Vertical plant wall panels make it quick and easy to provide a luxurious and natural appearance. We offer eight options of vibrant colored blossoms and luscious greenery textures so you can customize your panels to fit any color palette of seasonal design change. Additionally, our lightweight VistaFolia panels allow for the free movement of air while enhancing noise reduction and privacy. VistaFolia® artificial living walls in Ocean Springs offer unmatched realism with accurate colors, shadings, and proportions. Our foliage also features UV protection to minimize fading of outdoor installations, extreme weather resistance, adjustable configurations, and are manufactured in compliance with ISO 9001 quality standards.

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SYNLawn offers the most lifelike and eco-friendly artificial grass Ocean Springs, MS has ever known. Our dedication to environmental sustainability and technical innovation distinguishes us from the competition.

Customers come to us when developing new project ideas because we are committed to offering superior customer service and flawless Ocean Spring artificial turf installations. SYNLawn is fully licensed and insured to work on multimillion-dollar projects from start to finish.

For more information about our Ocean Springs artificial grass products and installation services, contact us today and schedule a free consultation!

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