Jackson, MS plant walls

Add Luxury to Your Design with a Vertical Garden Wall

A SYNLawn® Mississippi living wall by VistaFolia® adds beautiful, hyper-realistic artificial plants to empty interiors and outdoor landscape designs. Imagine an entryway with a lush green wall of synthetic plants, or a gorgeous poolside privacy screen with natural-looking blossoms and greenery. Whatever the design may be, an artificial plant wall will provide any environment with a vibrant focal point and a relaxed ambience.

Residential Synthetic Green Wall

Artificial vertical gardens are perfect for both indoor and outdoor designs because they feature enhanced weather-resistance, UV protection, and 100% pure color pigments that will never fade. They will provide your designs with year-round elegance for many years to come.

Our artificial green wall panel system works like a puzzle. Each panel connects seamlessly to the others, so you can decide how large an area you want to cover. They can be customized to overcome even the most complex designs. With over 8 varieties of lush textures and vibrant colors, you can tailor them to accommodate any color pallet.

A synthetic living wall by VistaFolia® captures the natural movements of living plants. They can be added to any vertical surface to enhance privacy and reduce noise. Not only are they great for any interior design, but they can also be added to any outdoor living area. You can use them to cover walls that hide pool equipment, fences that neighbor busy roads, and as backdrops in pool areas, common areas, patios and more. Our green walls are one-of-a-kind, providing many features and benefits such as:

Low maintenance; no watering or trimming of any kind

100% pure color pigments that never fade

8 varieties of colors and textures to choose from

Ultra-realistic artificial plants that replicate natural movement

Built to endure the harshest weather conditions

UV-protection to prevent fading

Appropriate for indoor and outdoor designs

Seamless panel integration

ISO 9001 manufacturing standards

Fire tested and certified

Customize Your Artificial Vertical Garden

When personalizing your VistaFolia®, simply consider where you want to make a stunning impression. Some creative designers use a synthetic green wall to add a luxurious feel to the master bedroom, ensuite, or living room. Landscape designers look for the empty and unused walls that would benefit from enriched aesthetic or improved noise reduction. Look at the color scheme of your design or landscape and choose the colors and textures that best fit. Transform those empty walls into an urban oasis. Make sure your visitors can view it, and of course, make sure you get to enjoy it too! To learn more, contact us today and schedule a free consultation!

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