Greenville, MS Artificial Grass Installation

In Greenville, MS, artificial grass from SYNLawn Mississippi is reviving landscapes while minimizing maintenance requirements and reducing water bills. Thanks to SYNLawn's low-maintenance design, eco-friendly components, and unique technological advancements, homeowners and business owners who want a beautiful lawn can rely on our SYNLawn Mississippi artificial grass. With over 50 years of research and development behind it, SYNLawn provides synthetic grass that will last a lifetime.

residential fountain backyard with artificial grass

Features of SYNLawn Mississippi Artificial Grass

At SYNLawn Mississippi, our synthetic grass is embedded with many unique features and benefits for property owners in Greenville, MS: 

  • Super Yarn™ antimicrobial yarn combines antimicrobial by Sanitized®, DualChill™ IR reflective technology, and StatBlock™ antistatic technology to create the most advanced turf yarn formula in the industry
  • Environmentally safer, made with recyclable plant-based components
  • Strengthened with our tough soy-based backing system called EnviroLoc+ that locks-in turf fibers to provide longer-lasting installations
  • Super Drain+ allows for rain, water, and other liquids to drain at a rate of up to 1,200 inches per hour
  • HeatBlock technology helps to provide up to 20% cooler surface temperature than other artificial turfs on the market
  • DualChill IR reflective technology helps to reflect UV and infrared rays to prevent the turf from fading in direct sunlight
  • Odor-controlling top-dressing from Envirofill is used to help reduce and prevent odors caused by ammonia in pet waste
  • Fire safe and tested
  • Safer for children and adults
  • Pet-friendly
  • Hypoallergenic
  • Made in the USA / manufactured PFAs-free
  • Unmatched lifetime warranty

Commercial Turf Installation in Greenville, MS

SYNLawn Mississippi has been the leading synthetic grass provider for business properties in Greenville for over 20 years. This is because we provide unmatched durability, performance, and quality that our competitors cannot equal. This is due to our use of plant-based materials and proprietary technologies. Your SYNLawn installation will be able to handle significant foot traffic and various weather conditions, regardless of your application. Our Mississippi commercial synthetic grass was created with the collaboration of American soy farmers who share a dedication to environmental sustainability and a desire to create beautiful, recyclable, and renewable synthetic grass landscapes.

Drone shot of commercial artificial grass at eastover district
Backyard golf green installed by SYNLawn

Mississippi Putting Green Installers

The team at SYNLawn Mississippi provides stunning PGA-standard Mississippi artificial golf greens that complement any indoor or outdoor environment. Our Greenville putting greens offer an incredibly lifelike putt, resembling professional greens in terms of natural ball slowdown and actual ball roll. To suit players of different ages and abilities, your Mississippi putting green can be modified with features like LED cup lights, sand traps, tee boxes, and choose from various rough, fringe, and fairway surfaces. We also provide a carry-anywhere indoor putting green mat that makes it simple for you to have easy access to a real-performance putting green. This product is perfect for any indoor game room, man cave, employee lounge, or private office!


Greenville, MS Playground Turf Systems

SYNLawn Mississippi synthetic playground grass is ADA, ASTM, and IPEMA-approved for our children's safety. Since our turf resists shifting once placed, it is wheelchair accessible, so nobody will miss out on playground time. Furthermore, our SYNLawn Mississippi playground grass is designed to help absorb the impact of falls up to ten feet. We are happy to offer slip-resistant, non-abrasive surfaces that help take the worry out of playtime. Our commercial safety standards and on-site testing during and after installation assist in ensuring playground safety for all. You can replace the messy and dangerous mulch, sand, and concrete with safer playground flooring in Mississippi.

Safer, Cleaner, and Greener Mississippi Pet Grass

Homeowners and commercial dog park owners in Greenville, MS, know the time it takes to repair holes dug in their lawn by their furry friends. However, our Mississippi pet turf offers superior durability and safety for your pets, thanks to the exclusive EnviroLoc+™ backing system and Super Yarn™ technology. Super Yarn features an effective antimicrobial by Sanitized® that eliminates up to 99% of stain and odor-causing bacteria from the face fibers and prevents fleas, ticks, and other pests from finding a home. Our proprietary EnviroLoc+™ locks in turf fibers to prevent turf shedding, holes dug in the lawn, and is made from recyclable materials free of harsh chemicals and pesticides. Say goodbye to muddy paws, stains, odors, patches of dead grass, and more, and hello to you and your pet’s dream lawn!

Dog playing on artificial grass
Artificial living wall installed by SYNLawn

VistaFolia® Artificial Living Walls

Our Greenville, MS, artificial living walls using premium imitation greenery and ivies are perfect for any interior or landscape design. To create the most authentic substitute for actual plants, we draw inspiration from both nature and our clients’ vision to design and install top-quality synthetic green walls. They are an excellent way to provide privacy and sound insulation, are easy to install both indoors and outdoors, and don't require complicated and expensive irrigation systems. Our synthetic plant walls are fire and weather-tested for lasting safety and durability.

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