Commercial Artificial Living Walls

Jackson Artificial Plant Wall

SYNLawn® Mississippi offers breathtaking vertical garden walls by VistaFolia®. Made with hyper-realistic synthetic green wall foliage, these living wall panels are easy to install. Create an awe-inspiring ambience within your commercial space. Suitable for indoor and outdoor designs, these fake plant walls can be personalized to any color palette and customized to overcome even the most complex designs. Choose from 8 varieties of 100% pure colors and lush textures. A VistaFolia® artificial plant wall is engineered to replicate the unique movements of real plants.

Instant Artificial Green Walls

Interior or Exterior Living Walls 

Imagine an incredibly lush and vibrant artificial vertical garden in your commercial office foyer. Perhaps you have a boring and awkward wall in the waiting area. With a SYNLawn® Mississippi artificial green wall, you can transform that empty space into something elegant and mood-enhancing.

Consider an artificial plant wall outdoors. Use the artificial green wall to make a spectacular privacy screen that adds some sound insulation. You could section off the area by the patio or the pool. Make a private spot on the rooftop or patio, out of range from your neighbors. 

Durable enough to use indoors or out, these synthetic living walls are UV-resistant, and they require zero maintenance. No irrigation, pruning, or trimming ever required.  With the collection of panels, you can design your own lavish arrangement to fit anywhere in your commercial space.  Perfect for hospitality, spas, healthcare, wellness, or multi-family housing. Add an eye-catching focal point to entryways, pool, backdrops, patios, and spas.  The design possibilities are endless. 

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Create Gravitational Environments

Synthetic green wall designs are recognized as a current trend in commercial applications both indoors and out. The most trendy and gravitational environments are pulling us back to nature. Visitors and employees alike love a lush plant wall. It is critical that it doesn’t look like the average fake plant wall. It must be a stunning, hyper-realistic vertical garden wall that will transport you back to nature and create a relaxing, stress-free environment. We are driven by a passion to create inspiring, uplifting environments for people to enjoy life to the fullest.

SYNLawn® is an award-winning designer of business artificial vertical gardens. We will help you imagine and layout your living walls. We will show you how and where to highlight walls, build privacy screens, and develop your vertical surfaces with synthetic plants to decorate your business. No project is too big or too small – Call SYNLawn® Mississippi today.

Easy and fast installation services

Ultra-low maintenance

No pruning, watering, or trimming the plants

Customize plant mixtures with a choice of different colors and textures

Industrial standard fire-rating

UV-protection to prevent fading in windows and outdoors

Lightweight panels

Endures the most severe weather conditions: rainstorms, freeze, extreme heat

ISO 9001 quality manufacturing standards

Can be customized to overcome and design layout

Enhances privacy and reduces noise

Benefits of VistaFolia By SYNLawn

Every synthetic living wall panel connects seamlessly with those above, below, and alongside it. Develop an organic design with quick and easy installation. Artificial plant walls capture the beauty of living plants for lasting beauty without the work and mess. Install a plant wall in the condo entryway, spa, poolside, in a wedding venue, or as a wellness business accent wall. Immediately create a privacy screen for restaurant patios, rooftops, terraces, foyers, and more!

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SYNLawn® Mississippi offers synthetic vertical fake plant wall installations to complement your commercial business location with vibrant, realistic foliage and blooms. Contact us today to see how a SYNLawn® artificial living wall would enhance your interior design, patio, or rooftop.

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