Mini golf construction in Jackson, MS

If you’re looking for mini golf construction in Jackson, MS, look no further than SYNLawn Mississippi. SYNLawn Mississippi is an industry leader in the design and construction of the most durable, visually appealing, and profitable miniature synthetic golf courses in the market. We offer unique and one-of-a-kind turfs made from materials that are made in the USA.

Artificial Grass saves money on Mini Golf construction

Selecting the right company to develop your synthetic mini golf course is crucial. Since 2003, we have excelled at providing residential and commercial customers with the most realistic and highest quality synthetic turf ever designed. We have also leveraged our expertise in the mini golf construction industry in Jackson, MS.

While your competitors struggle to maintain their natural grass green during the seasons, you're sitting comfortably at your office, raking in the dough from your customers. Synthetic grass is essential for creating beautiful putting greens, whether they are indoors or outside.

Thinking about starting your own mini golf business or renovating an existing location? The days of fake-looking artificial grass are over. Your customers will certainly love the look and feel of today’s synthetic turf.

Natural grass is tough to install, especially in an indoor environment. Thankfully, artificial grass is not subject to these limitations. Because of technological advancements in the industry, indoor mini golf courses have become increasingly popular. Imagine never having to bother about pests, watering, or mowing at your business because it is completely covered with luscious green artificial grass.

Our fast draining turf clears away even the heaviest downpour quickly, ensuring that players are able to use the turf promptly without the worry of stepping in a puddle.

Commercial artificial putting green

Artificial Mini Golf installation gives you variety

The best miniature golf courses are more than just greens. They have trick shots, interesting hole designs, and obstacles that make the game more challenging. Synthetic grass is versatile and can be cut into whatever shapes you need.

Natural grass is hard to work with and you end up installing your holes around the grass. This isn’t a problem with our turf because we can shape it to whatever design you need. If you need something to surround a complex structure such as a windmill, no problem. 

If you need it to wrap around corners, it’s easy. Our expert installers work with you from start to finish to make sure everything corresponds to your outline.

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Commercial artificial grass mini golf course
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Mini golf course with artificial grass

Enjoy Carefree turf in Jackson, MS

In the past, the biggest draw of natural grass was its look and feel. Artificial turf science progressed to the point where it is hyper realistic and looks and feels like natural grass. You just don’t need to take care of it.

Natural grass needs constant care and upkeep to stay green and lush. If you go through a drought or if bald spots begin to show, you need to step into action. 

Artificial grass doesn’t grow, so there is no need to mow. It stays green in even the harshest conditions and never needs watering. You save money on mini golf construction costs and it requires little to no maintenance.


Browse our incredible selection of high-quality products to find the right synthetic turf for your needs.


SYNRange Pro

SYNTipede 243

SYNRye 200

Be the envy of your competition

Today's business requires every advantage possible, as there are so many entertainment options available at home and outside. People will travel to see a nice miniature golf course, but it must be visually appealing.

You can’t have brown spots or divots in the ground. Synthetic turf is super durable and can withstand the biggest hacks with a putter. You have the time to build your business while the competition tries to maintain their natural grass.

Order your synthetic turf in Jackson, MS today

When it comes to mini golf construction in Jackson, MS, SYNLawn Mississippi has maintained the highest manufacturing standards since day one. Our turf is high-quality, visually stunning, long-lasting and low-maintenance. With our synthetic turf solutions, you can save money while maintaining gorgeous mini-golf landscapes throughout the year. If you want more information about artificial grass, then please contact us today.

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