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Businesses, Colleges, Cities and Municipalities – Surfaces for Indoor and Outdoor Sports Surfaces SYNLawn® Mississippi is proud to present our dynamic SYNCourt sports surfaces for any high performance, low maintenance, and injury reducing sports surface. SYNCourt surfaces provide athletes with a safe and durable facility to perform at the highest levels. SYNCourt will custom design your basketball court, tennis court, or other sport surface using any colors or logos you choose. Our premium tile collection features 5 unique tiles suitable for both outdoor courts and indoor courts.

Benefits of Fitness and Agility Turf

Engineered to increase performance, prevent common injuries, clean with ease, enhance performance. Ideal for strength and agility training, sled pulls, indoor shot-put/hammer training, cross-training, gym floors, weight lifting areas, indoor and outdoor batting cages, soccer fields, tennis courts, and aerobics. Our revolutionary HeatBlock technology, which reflects sunlight to minimize thermal emissivity, has been scientifically proven to reduce turf temperatures by as much as 20% when compared to similar synthetic turf products. The increased durability and playability of our synthetic fields means fewer injuries and broader access year-round.


5 premium tiles to choose from

Indoor tiles


Speed Indoor – For professional inline hockey and ball sports

  • Delivers the best wheel grip of any suspended floor in the industry
  • Extremely resilient materials that minimize injuries caused by falls on the court
  • Surface pin heads and perforations for natural puck glide

Compete – For indoor courts including ball sports, volleyball, roller hockey, racquet sports, and multi-game courts

  • Delivers outstanding shoe grip and durability
  • Sectional design to simplify tile replacement and disassembly
  • Optional rubber underlayment system can be added to lessen noise and boost shock absorption

Skate – For roller sports and indoor skating rinks

  • Provides the best wheel grip of any suspended floor in the industry
  • Proprietary shift lock technology prevents tiles from shifting
  • Low maintenance: no refinishing ever required

Outdoor tiles

  • Game – For outdoor basketball courts, racquet sports, shuffleboard, and multi-game courts
    • Provides superior grip and optimal drainage
    • Patented locking system that accommodates expansion and contraction in all climates
    • A surface that is easier on athlete’s joints
  • Speed Outdoor – For inline hockey, ball sports, volleyball, skating/skateboarding, and open play
    • Enhanced wheel grip and rain and dust drainage
    • Patented locking system that accommodates expansion and contraction in all climates
    • Patented surface pin heads for natural puck glide
SYNCourt and SYNLawn

Brand Your Custom Sports Surface with Your Team Colors

A wide variety of unique colors are bound to match up with your team spirit! Demonstrate home team branding by adding character and vitality to your gym surface. Schools, municipalities, cities, and businesses can all add a logo, school crest, or other design to their SYNCourt installation. We pre-paint and pre-assemble all of our courts in our warehouse to endure precision on every design. We then number, disassemble, and package each section according to a labeled diagram. Our precision installation team ensures that your commercial gym is installed for superior performance and resilience.

SYNCourt Commercial Sports Surfacing

SYNLawn® Mississippi provides court surfacing for the following sports:

Basketball court surfacing

Tennis court surfacing

Racquet ball court

Shuffleboard court surfacing

Multi-game court

Roller hockey / Roller derby surfacing

Skating / Skateboarding / Skating rinks

Inline hockey

Ball sports / Bocce ball court

Additional accessories can also be supplied:

  • Rebounders
  • Court lighting
  • Ball containment fencing
  • Basketball goals
  • Tennis nets


Adding a rebounder creates a great multi-function training aid in any commercial sports surface. Help your upcoming tennis stars and World Cup soccer players practice focusing on their game skills. The realistic ball response from a rebounder allows for players’ reaction times as they wait for each return, just like in real gameplay. Tennis coaches specifically recommend rebounders for practicing groundstrokes and maintaining a general workout schedule, even without scheduled games. A rebounder also supports lacrosse players, hockey players, and basketball players too.


Ball containment fencing

Keep the balls in play on the court with ball containment fencing. No more wasted game time searching for balls in the grass. No broken windows or dented cars either with SYNCourt® commercial ball containment fencing.

Court lighting

Extend the game play past dusk and even into the night with added court lighting. Continue the game after the sun goes down. These ultra-bright, energy-efficient LED court lighting solutions save electricity and provide plenty of light for evening play on the sports surface.

Kids playing basketball on SYNCourt outdoors

Basketball goals

SYNCourt offers the highest-quality, professional-grade basketball goals with your choice of fixed or adjustable height options. Available in several configurations, you’ll find one that is perfect for your SYNCourt multi-purpose court or basketball court.

tennis nets

Our collection of high-quality tennis nets are made to outperform and outlast other brands. Choose from an assortment of twine thicknesses and sizes. The tennis nets that will work best for your court are bound to be available from SYNCourt. We carry tennis nets for both singles and doubles tennis courts to make playing a game on your SYNCourt tennis court a joy for every player!

SYNCourt Volleyball

SpeedTurf and TrackTurf are non-infill, synthetic, specialty turfs designed for fitness and agility training exercises. Every product is engineered to increase performance and speed. They are constructed with a low-pile blended polyethylene and nylon with a 5mm foam back. This fosters a surface that is softer, smoother, and results in less friction than competitors’ products that only use nylon. In addition, the distinctive blended turf allows sleds and other weight-training objects to slide easily across its surface.





SYNPlay 60 Series

SYNPlay 60 (with pad)


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