Artificial Grass Installation in Clinton, Mississippi

Maintaining your landscape is time-consuming and typically not on the top of your priority list. SYNLawn® Clinton artificial grass makes it easy to reclaim that time to better invest it back into your life.

SYNLawn® artificial grass makes it easy to enjoy ultra-realistic gorgeous all year long. Our residential turf doesn’t look or feel like fake grass. Our products set a lasting impression and are enjoyable for all ages and pets. In addition, our products feature the latest in cutting-edge turf technologies and are manufactured using locally sourced recyclable materials. Our products are perfect for lawns, landscapes, golf greens, pet areas, playgrounds, and more.


Exclusive features and benefits of Clinton artificial grass include:

  • Super Yarn™ technology — includes Sanitized® antimicrobial, DualChill™ IR reflection, and StatBlock™ anti-static
  • EnviroLoc™ plant-based backing system — locks in turf fibers to prevent shedding and tearing
  • UV-Stabilized yarns — prevent natural hues from fading
  • Fire-rated and tested
  • Unmatched limited lifetime warranty
  • Odor-controlling top-dressing reduces 80% of odors caused by ammonia in pet waste
  • Made with recyclable materials here in the US
  • Hypoallergenic

Clinton, Mississippi Commercial Artificial Turf

Business owners across Mississippi value the time that they have to make their business as successful as it can be making lawn care a priority that often gets overlooked. The landscape of your business is what creates the first impression your customers form about your business. SYNLawn® artificial grass alleviates the need for regular maintenance and offers ultra-realistic beauty to our customers to ensure that their customers are impressed. Our products are perfect for lawns, landscapes, playgrounds, pet areas, rooftops, putting greens, and more. In addition, our Clinton artificial grass offers superior strength and durability to withstand areas that are prone to heavy foot traffic and are fire-rated and tested to ensure the safety of customers and employees alike.

East Texas Baptist University Dorm Artificial Grass Project
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Clinton Rooftop Artificial Grass

A lot of people today might not expect to see grass on a rooftop, deck, or patio. However, SYNLawn® can transform these areas into elegant outdoor living spaces, improving your quality of life by giving more usable and functional areas. SYNLawn® artificial grass because of its lightweight surface, rapid installation processes, efficient drainage, and, in some products, an ASTM E108 Class A fire rating, may assist urban residential and commercial structures by providing minimal care and a distinctive look.

  • Great way to use neglected and underutilized space
  • Class A fire-rated and ADA Compliant
  • Add a much-needed outdoor area for your pets if in a condo or apartment
  • Add square footage to your living space for kids or just a relaxing personal retreat

Custom Golf Putting Greens Clinton, MS

If you’ve ever wished that you could have your very own putting green in your backyard, SYNLawn® can make that dream a reality. Clinton golf greens offer PGA-caliber performance that lives up to the experience you’re accustomed to on many of the professional courses in your area. Our products are the result of our relationship with pro golf coach Dave Pelz. We engineered our golf turf to be as accurate to real golf greens as possible. Our golf greens are perfect for beginners and professionals of all ages and are made with our exclusive technologies and features.

  • Clinton golf greens additionally offer:
  • The most authentic performing backyard putting green on the market
  • True ball roll, realistic putt, and natural slowdown characteristics
  • Customization options include sand traps, obstacles, chipping surfaces, tee boxes, LEDs, & more
  • Optimal drainage to prevent water collection in hole cups
  • Portable variations available
  • Tee Strike™ allows for the use of real golf tees

Synthetic Plant Walls

Clinton, MS artificial living walls are perfect for both interior and exterior designs because they provide year-long weather resistance, UV stabilization, and pure color pigments. VistaFolia® Mississippi artificial living walls can be applied to any vertical surface and in any space that could otherwise not habitat real plants. We use the most realistic, life-like faux foliage and ivies to replicate the natural appearance and behaviors of real plants.

Unique features and benefits of our plant walls include:

  • The best low-maintenance alternative to real plants
    pure color pigments and UV-resistance that protects against fading
  • 8 varieties of colors and textures to customize your panels with
  • Ultra-realistic artificial plants that replicate natural movement
  • Built to endure the harshest weather conditions such as wind, rain, hail and more
  • Customize your panels to accommodate any indoor or outdoor design
  • Seamless panel integration for simplified installation
  • ISO 9001 manufacturing standards
  • Fire tested and certified
  • 5-year warranty

Mississippi Pet Turf

Save time and money repairing and maintaining your pet area with SYNLawn® pet turf. Our products eliminate holes, muddy paws, and the many pests that try to sneak their way onto your pet's fur. Our Clinton pet grass is coated with Sanitized® antimicrobial to eliminate 99% of bacteria and keep your pets healthy. We additionally manufacture our synthetic turf free of harsh chemicals and metals.

Here are some additional benefits of installing our pet grass:

  • Superior durability and performance
  • Envirofill® Odor-Controlling top dressing further prevents and eliminates pet odors caused by ammonia
  • HeatBlock™ technology provides significantly cooler surfaces to prevent paws from burning
  • Optimal drainage allows for immediate use after it rains
  • Made in the USA
Dos playing on artificial pet grass

Playground Turf Installation in Clinton, MS

Safety is always the first priority when designing a playground. Unfortunately, a lot of playground systems are designed with rubber, wood, sand, and gravel which lack proper safety standards. In response to this, SYNLawn® created the perfect solution with our state-of-the-art playground turf that is both IPEMA and ADA compliant and will prevent common injuries, as well as cushion falls up to 10 feet. In addition, our Clinton playground grass meets HIC (Head Injury Criteria) requirements, certified by ASTM. The top layer consists of soft, synthetic grass that is non-abrasive, and our bottom layer is made with our FallPad® sub-base. SYNLawn® offers the safest, cleanest, and most eco-friendly playground turf Clinton has to offer.

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We aspire to build attractive spaces that bring people together via activity, discussion, or relaxation. We can collaborate to create a greener, more sustainable environments that preserve water, need less maintenance, and save money on lawn care services. Thanks to more than 50 years of research and development, SYNLawn® has created plant-based synthetic grass that is suitable for a wide range of uses. If you'd like to learn more about our exclusive Clinton, MS artificial grass, putting greens, playgrounds, pet areas, and more contact us now to schedule a free consultation!