SYNLawn Mississippi Backyard Putting Greens

SYNLawn Mississippi is widely regarded as the premier source for high-performance and ultra-realistic backyard putting greens in Jackson, Mississippi.

If you’re contemplating installing a golfing green at home, you can count on SYNLawn Mississippi’s reputation, which dates back over four decades. We aim to create more sustainable synthetic turf landscaping solutions for residential and commercial customers using plant-based eco-friendly materials.

The residents of Mississippi aren’t strangers to golf. In fact, over the last year, golfing as a whole has experienced a tremendous resurgence. This is primarily because golf was one of the few sports that could still be played during the recent pandemic lockdown, given it was possible for the players to socially distance themselves.

Today, the state boasts numerous PGA-standard golf surfaces that host high-level tournaments each year. In addition to public golfing, SYNLawn Mississippi has also been meeting the demand for high-quality backyard putting greens.

Benefits of Having a SYNLawn Mississippi Custom Designed Backyard Putting Green

Installing backyard golfing turf has a series of advantages. Imagine practicing your short game in the most comfortable way possible without commuting to distant courses. Not sure if your backyard is ideal? No problem. We can install a professional synthetic backyard golfing green in any backyard space. Our expert team of designs will work with you to examine the full range of advantages for your space.

SYNLawn Golf Artificial Turf

Play and Paractice at Anytime

Golfers understand the importance of practicing to improve their game. But this means commuting to and from local public golf courses. The entire process of getting there, signing in, playing, and then driving back home can be tedious and time-consuming. 

But what if you had your own backyard putting green? You’d never have to worry about getting stuck in traffic while commuting to distant turfs. You can play and practice at your own pace with no limitations whatsoever.

Saves Money

While an initial investment is required to install the backyard greens, the returns on your investment over time are tremendous. Take, for example, artificial turf’s durability. SYNLawn Mississippi’s bio-based synthetic grass products have an impressive lifespan of between 15-20 years. Combined with the minimal maintenance required to keep the turf pristine, our backyard putting greens have an excellent return on investment.

In addition to the turf’s durability, owners do not have to deal with ongoing landscaping chores associated with natural backyard grass. It remains perfectly pristine without the need for watering, seeding, or chemical additives.

SYNLawn Artificial Turf Golf

Remains Evergreen

One major drawback associated with natural grass is its susceptibility to weather elements such as extreme heat (including UV rays) and cold. These can trigger a condition known as desiccation which occurs when the grass loses more moisture than it can replace, resulting in dry, brownish patches.

Unfortunately, the fungus can also destroy even the most meticulously maintained grass. The answer is SYNLawn Mississippi’s synthetic backyard golfing turf. Once installed, it maintains its luxurious texture and visual appearance regardless of UV rays, weather conditions or use.


To meet the stringent requirements of golfing turf, natural grass golf courses must invest heavily in ensuring the grass remains healthy. This calls for the extensive use of fertilizers, pesticides, and herbicides, among others. These substances have been known to hurt the environment. For instance, vapor from pesticides and herbicides can harm the atmosphere. Additionally, the compounds within these chemicals can contaminate soil, vegetation, marine life, and even drinking water. 

Other than that, the use of fossil-fuel-powered lawn equipment can contribute to harmful carbon emissions into the atmosphere. With artificial turf, you don't have to worry about these issues. Our plant-based materials use a bio-based EnvironLoc system which is safer for you and the environment and which replaces up to 60% of petroleum-based materials.

SYNLawn Artificial Turf Golf

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SYNLawn Mississippi artificial grass products are incredibly lifelike, equally as durable, and help you conserve water and save money. If you’re looking to install a luxurious backyard turf in Jackson, MS contact us today, and our friendly customer service will help you through the process.

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