Artificial Grass for Apartment Complexes in Jackson, MS

SYNLawn Mississippi is the premier supplier and installer of artificial grass for apartment complexes in Jackson, MS. Like other business enterprises, apartment complexes have also been gravitating towards artificial grass in large numbers owing to its superior benefits. These include its aesthetic appeal, low maintenance, and eco-friendly qualities. It’s also an excellent way to boost property values if you’re a real estate investor.

SYNLawn is no stranger to artificial turf manufacturing and installation. With over 200,000 cumulative installations to date, we can safely say we are industry leaders in turf design and development. In addition, our facility is outfitted with the latest technology, including advanced manufacturing processes for engineering plant-based bio-preferred artificial grass for commercial use


Why Apartment Complexes Should Invest in Artificial Grass

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Enhances the Aesthetics of the Complex

Every apartment owner, manager, or investor wants to see their properties fully booked. Given the fierce competition for apartment rental space, consistently exceeding tenants' expectations is required. It also means grabbing their attention. One effective way is to install artificial turf. It instantly breathes new life into your apartment complex's dreary green patches and improves the overall visual appeal.


Easy to Maintain

Like any other business venture, profitability is the ultimate goal for apartment owners and operators. To achieve this, they must reduce a wide range of expenses, including those associated with landscaping. Landscape costs for apartment complexes include lawn care, pruning, watering, seeding, fertilizer use, irrigation, sprinkler system installation and maintenance, and other services.

The installation of synthetic turf eliminates the majority of these landscaping costs. Water, irrigation, chemical application, or lawn mowing are not required to maintain the turf's flawless appearance and vitality. In the end, this is a significant time and money saver for apartment building managers.

Rooftop artificial grass installation by SYNLawn

Great for Tenants with Kids & Pets

Artificial turf is great for apartment yards and public playgrounds. This is a welcome benefit for tenants with kids. The turf used in SYNLawn's unique playground system is specifically built with safety in mind. The Fall Pad Underlayment System of the turf, in conjunction with SYNLawn's Enviroloc and Antimicrobial Infill, provides a softer cushion that helps to prevent injuries during play.

In addition, our turf is a more healthy alternative to grass. Its antimicrobial infill qualities discourage pests, rodents, and even allergens. This means that kids will be able to play and relax in a more healthy environment.

Tenants with pets will also appreciate our turf. It affords a clean, comfortable surface for pets to play and relax without the risk of pests or leaving muddy paw prints in the house. It provides pets with a clean, comfortable surface to play and relax without the risk of attracting pests or leaving muddy paw prints throughout the house. Its excellent draining capabilities allow liquids to flow directly into it. Not only is this more hygienic than conventional grass, but the odor-absorbing infill also helps to eliminate any lingering odors.

In addition, our artificial turf is excellent for community putting greens, we also have extensive experience installing mini golf courses.


Installing artificial grass in apartment complexes in Jackson, MS is an excellent way for them to contribute to environmental conservation. At least in comparison to natural grass, it does not require the use of chemicals such as pesticides, fertilizers, or herbicides. Chemicals such as these have been shown to leak toxins into the environment, ending up in the soil and water systems.

Additionally, artificial grass lessens the need for landscaping equipment, the majority of which runs on fossil fuels such as gasoline and diesel. As a result, the amount of carbon dioxide released into the atmosphere is reduced.


Browse our incredible selection of high-quality products to find the right synthetic turf for your needs.

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Ready to Make the Transition

Apartment complexes need artificial turf. It is beautiful, safe for kids and pets, comes with minimal maintenance, and contributes to environmental preservation. Apartment complexes in Jackson, MS have come to rely on SYNLawn Mississippi for excellent synthetic turf installation. Contact us to schedule a free consultation.

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