Super Yarn™ Technology

Super Yarn Technology is a SYNLawn exclusive yarn formula that is changing the way that we manufacture our SYNLawn Mississippi artificial grass for homes, businesses, and more in Jackson, MS. Super Yarn is the first of its kind, as it molecularly binds three of the industry's most unique enhancements at the DNA level to provide unmatched reliability, comfort, and sanitation. The synthetic grass market is highly saturated, and that is why we continue to utilize our many years of experience to explore the seemingly endless possibilities for grass alternatives and incorporate exclusive benefits not found anywhere else on the market.

Details on Super Yarn

Super Yarn, along with all of our SYNLawn Mississippi synthetic turf options, is manufactured in our own factory in the USA. We work closely with American farmers at our facility in Georgia, so we can source renewable, plant-based materials, and quality control every step of our manufacturing process. This partnership helps us to create safer, cleaner, and greener artificial turf utilizing our Super Yarn technology. At SYNLawn Mississippi, we do not believe in cutting corners or sacrificing quality for affordability. With our powerful combination of eco-friendly, plant-based materials and Super Yarn, our team offers high-quality, durable synthetic turf for incredible prices. We even offer several options for monthly financing to help make our artificial grass as accessible as possible!

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Furthermore, one of our main goals at SYNLawn Mississippi is to provide synthetic grass that is sustainable and environmentally friendly. It is because of this that we utilize plant-based materials, which is why we developed Super Yarn, so we can increase longevity, eliminate traditional maintenance, conserve valuable resources, and allow our SYNLawn Mississippi artificial grass to remain luscious and vibrant for several years with little to no upkeep.

The One-of-a-Kind Enhancements of Super Yarn

At SYNLawn Mississippi, our Super Yarn artificial grass is equipped with three unique benefits that make it an exceptional turf technology for lawns, landscaping, and more in Jackson, MS. Details on these benefits include the following:

Sanitized® Antimicrobial

Conventional grass can sometimes become a breeding ground for bacteria. Whether this is because of unwanted pests, pet waste, microbes, or algae, the last thing we want when we go to enjoy the outdoors is to utilize unsanitary surfaces. Fortunately, our Super Yarn is equipped with Sanitized®, an antimicrobial coating that effectively eliminates up to 99% of bacteria from synthetic grass surfaces, protects against infections and respiratory allergies, and controls odors caused by the ammonia in pet waste. Furthermore, when combined with an antimicrobial infill, our SYNLawn Mississippi artificial turf can be a much cleaner solution than traditional grass surfaces.

DualChill™ IR Reflectivity

Over time, infrared light can break down turf fibers, causing the deterioration of what was supposed to be your luxury lawn. When investing in synthetic grass, SYNLawn Mississippi believes that there should be innovations in place that preserve the money that you spent on your lawn in the first place.

Thankfully, DualChill, an additive developed by SYNLawn for our Super Yarn, enhances IR reflectivity by 42%. As a result, SYNLawn synthetic turf fibers are more resistant to sunlight, wear and tear, and are more durable than other brands on the market. Our DualChill solves this issue by reflecting infrared radiation, which weakens typical grass fibers over time and causes the product to degrade. So by choosing artificial grass from SYNLawn Mississippi, your Jackson property will be better equipped with a long-lasting grass surface!

StatBlock™ Anti-Static

While none of our products produce static electricity, and the occurrence of these events is low in residential settings, we recognize that static can build up on playground surfaces and metal fixtures. For this reason, SYNLawn became the first company to incorporate StatBlock anti-static at the molecular level of our turf. This helps inhibit the transfer and buildup of static electricity. We have incorporated this technology into our turf options for playgrounds, pet areas, and more. With StatBlock, our artificial turf products prevent static buildup more than competing artificial grass brands, making them more comfortable and safer.

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At SYNLawn Mississippi, we are consistently incorporating new technologies, like Super Yarn, into our artificial grass products for Jackson, MS. Super Yarn is just one of the many exclusive technologies and benefits that are manufactured into nearly every SYNLawn Mississippi synthetic grass option we offer.

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