Mississippi Artificial Grass vs. Natural Grass Buyer's Guide

SYNLawn Mississippi artificial grass is taking the local market in Jackson, MS, by storm. It is no secret that artificial turf lasts longer than traditional grass. However, there are many additional benefits that are not well known. In fact, SYNLawn Mississippi has been an industry-leading provider of synthetic turf in the state for more than 20 years as a result of these benefits. We are the first and only company in the region to offer plant-based grass alternatives, utilize exclusive technologies, and back our products with an unmatched lifetime warranty. This buyer's guide comparison will show you the many reasons to replace your landscape with our Mississippi artificial turf:

Residential and Commercial Artificial Grass vs. Real Grass

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SYNLawn® Mississippi Artificial Turf

  • Eliminates the need for traditional maintenance
  • Reduces your monthly water bill
  • Resists heavy foot traffic, making it suitable for residential and commercial installation
  • Perfect for a comprehensive list of applications
  • Resists fading in harsh sunlight
  • Class A fire-rated by ASTM
  • Manufactured with renewable resources, including sugar cane and soybean oil
  • The only collection of USDA-certified synthetic grass is from SYNLawn
  • Backed by an unmatched lifetime warranty
  • Manufactured only in the USA to ensure quality and meet environmental standards
  • Manufactured PFAS free

Regular Grass

  • Requires weekly maintenance that takes you away from your free time with family and friends
  • Can be responsible for a substantial amount of your monthly water consumption
  • Increases carbon emissions due to gas-powered lawn equipment
  • Limited applications
  • Will burn, causing increased fire damage and threatening safety
  • No guarantee of a warranty
Artificial grass backyard installed by SYNLawn

Mississippi Golf Turf and Putting Greens

SYNLawn Mississippi Artificial Golf Greens

  • Engineered to replicate the appearance and behaviors of conventional grass as closely as possible
  • Can help lower scores and improve your short game
  • Manufactured in partnership with ex-NASA engineer Dave Pelz
  • Does not require daily or weekly manicuring to ensure playability
  • Portable, at-home, and commercial options are available
  • Customizable with fringe, fairway, and rough options
  • Compatible with authentic golf tees
  • Only to be installed by GreenMaster™ certified technicians from SYNLawn Mississippi
Backyard putting green installed by SYNLawn
Artificial grass putting green

Traditional Putting Greens

  • Traditional grass suffers from constant strikes, resulting in holes, dead spots, and costly repairs
  • Conventional courses rely on perfect weather conditions to be played on
  • Inconsistent surfaces make it difficult to improve your performance
  • Requires frequent watering, mowing, reseeding, and fertilizing

Mississippi Playgrounds

SYNLawn® Playground Turf Systems

  • Hypoallergenic solutions for everyone to enjoy
  • Made with recyclable and eco-friendly materials, including sugar cane and soybean oil
  • Non-abrasive, soft, synthetic playground grass top layer
  • Sanitized® antimicrobial eliminates 99% of bacteria found on play surfaces that can lead to staph and other infections
  • StatBlock™ carbon-based anti-static component that reduces static buildup and shock
  • HeatBlock™ cools grass by reflecting sunlight and reducing heat buildup, resulting in a significant temperature drop – up to 20% cooler than competing turf brands
  • A soft padding-bottom layer is provided by Fall Pad® subbase cushioning technology
  • ASTM tested to meet HIC (Head Injury Criteria) requirements and more
  • Wheelchair accessible / ADA compliant and IPEMA certified
Artificial playground grass installed by SYNLawn
Blue Jungle Gym installed on SYNLawn playground turf for frisco independent school district

Traditional playground surfacing

  • Conventional grass can be a source of bacteria, mold, fungi, and infection
  • Alternatives such as pea gravel, cement, rubber, sand, and traditional sod are abrasive and can cause injury
  • No padded sub-base to cushion falls
  • Alternative playground flooring options can shift, exposing hard surfaces, rocks, concrete, and other dangerous surfaces
  • Can become uncomfortable and burn feet during playtime in hotter months

Mississippi Pet Grass

Drone shot of artificial grass dog park

SYNLawn® Pet Turf Systems

  • Free of harsh chemicals and pesticides
  • Optimal drainage of 1,200 inches per hour allows for use immediately after it rains
  • Low-maintenance design
  • Coated with Sanitized® antimicrobial, which eliminates up to 99% of bacteria
  • Envirofill® odor-controlling top dressing prevents and eliminates pet odors caused by ammonia
  • Superior durability and resistance to digging
  • Prevents fleas and ticks
  • No more mud accumulation with pet turf
  • HeatBlock technology prevents paws from burning

Traditional Pet Grass

  • Requires fertilizer and harsh pesticides
  • Floods in heavy rain can become a source of mud that can end up in the house
  • Sheds from roughhousing
  • Dogs can easily dig through your sod and into your solids, leading to repairs
  • Regular grass harbors unwanted pests that can make a home in your dog's fur
Dogs playing on artificial grass

SYNLawn Mississippi artificial grass is the result of years of research and development and offers many advantages for lawns, landscapes, and more in Jackson, MS. We explore every possibility for turf to help relieve customer pain points and become a top replacement for traditional grass. We offer affordable payment plans to help accommodate any budget type and can effortlessly integrate our turf into nearly any landscape. For more information about our artificial turf, contact us at SYNLawn Mississippi today to schedule your free consultation!

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